Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My dreams came true...!

Millions of stars
twilight in the night sky
Millions of thoughts
dazzled and danced in my mind
A light smile
with matching bright eyes
Wondering mind
with a heart full of love
Thoughts of you have
made my millions of
dreams come true.......!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Looking for a Clue?

The light blue sky is just over me
The crimson sun just shines over me
I could see both, but.......
I could not feel any........
coz i've emptied my thoughts
merely to fill my mind with fresh and novel thoughts
Again I see a little bird,
with shivering feathers
poor little thing,
It's flapping its wings bitterly
not knowing that
it has broken one of it...............!


Every time I close my eyes
you come to me in my sweet dreams
you bend over me and into my ears
pour the sweetness of love streams 
              Every time your arms around me
              I feel the whole world beside me
              nothing could make me extremely glee
              to be with you is the only dream of me..........

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Star In My Life

When the day I lost you
I lost the whole world

You were the most significant star in my life

Which spreaded bright light on me

Protecting me from Darkness
But now i am in the bitter darkness
Too afraid to move

I am not begging for worldly goods
But wishing only you

And the light once you had on us

I am in thirst Of your sweet paternal love

I need it desperately without you my world's empty ,without you my world's insecure
You are beyond my reach
Out of my sight

I am alone

With eyes full of tears
And a paralyzed soul