Saturday, January 10, 2009

Star In My Life

When the day I lost you
I lost the whole world

You were the most significant star in my life

Which spreaded bright light on me

Protecting me from Darkness
But now i am in the bitter darkness
Too afraid to move

I am not begging for worldly goods
But wishing only you

And the light once you had on us

I am in thirst Of your sweet paternal love

I need it desperately without you my world's empty ,without you my world's insecure
You are beyond my reach
Out of my sight

I am alone

With eyes full of tears
And a paralyzed soul

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Travelling on a train,
I am sitting by the window.
Cannot recall the stop,
I got on a long time ago.
Time to time I feel it stops
and I see new faces board
Some walk past.
Some would sit by my side.
Some would smile.
A few would talk,
share their laughs and tears.
While they all,
get off at their stops.
Why do I forget that,
I am just another traveler,
waiting for my stop,
to step out for a breather.

-A distant traveler-