Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My dreams came true...!

Millions of stars
twilight in the night sky
Millions of thoughts
dazzled and danced in my mind
A light smile
with matching bright eyes
Wondering mind
with a heart full of love
Thoughts of you have
made my millions of
dreams come true.......!


Nash_Node said...

oooh. someone is in love :-)

Nadee-නදී said...

woooo thanx for ur comment. geeee i really dnt know the reason why most of us don't want to read blogs written in English.believe it or not u r the fist to comment on my English poems except for my collegue "Kush".

Thanks a lot

Nash_Node said...
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Just a guy said...

Well... I find understanding English is much more easier and such with Sinhalese is utterly cobbles and complicated to me ! :-O.

The only Sinhalese "thing" I was compelled to do was my O/L's Sinhalese paper and had a too close to comfort save barely scoring an average "C" (those days)

I guess it's much of the same like many in reverse form... I also start reading Sinhalese blogs and back off and out when I find hard to understand some meaning of things.

Shame actually.. given the fact that I my self is a solid Sinhalese as well :-( !! ...

විකටය said...

keep it up, because your a rare breed in this blog circus. by the way i was born in badhulla, town you said you live in...

Muthu Paba said...

Beautiful poem. :)

lemonade/ලේමනේරිස් said...

I think in sinhala, and when I talk in English I usually have to translate my thoughts and then talk. So I usually prefer to use sinhala than English.
As the good old professor says some of "our" (the folk of the east) feelings, and ideals are harder to translate in to the western languages. Its easier to express our selves in sinhala.